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Compensation Information

Long Beach Community College District Compensation Information

In an effort to increase transparency, the Board of Trustees and Superintendent-President of the Long Beach Community College District will disclose their compensation annually on the District's website so it is available for review by members of the public.

Compensation for members of the Board of Trustees:

Compensation for the elected Members of the Board of Trustees is set by the Education Code and is based upon enrollment. This amounts to $400 per month at LBCCD plus a $30 per month stipend for computer expenses. Trustees are also eligible for the district's health benefit plan available to all full time employees.

Board of Trustees Compensation
Fiscal Year 2016-17 (Projected)


Annual Salary Health & Welfare Benefits
Baxter, Virginia 5,160 27,258
Kellogg, Jeffrey A 5,160 29,287
Malauulu,Vivian 5,160 191
Otto, Douglas W 5,160 27,258
Zia, Sunny 5,160 191
Student Trustee 1,200 0


Compensation for the Superintendent-President:

The Superintendent-President is compensated according to a contract approved by the Board of Trustees.

President-Superintendent Compensation
Fiscal Year 2015-16 (Actual)


Annual Salary

Health & Welfare Benefits


Total Base Salary 326,982 - 326,982
Total Benefits Provided - 20,909 20,909
Total Salary and Benefits 326,982 20,909 347,891


Compensation Comparison for Presidents of Similar Districts:

The following table was compiled from publically available information (links to sources below) to provide a comparison with other similarly sized, single college districts in Southern California.

President Compensation Comparison to Similar Districts

District Annual Salary (per ACCCA Survey, 2015) Total FTES @ 2015-16 P-1 per Exhibit C Amount per FTES 2014-2015 Expenditures (per Fiscal Data Abstract) Salary as a % of Total Expenditures
Cerritos College 234,000 18,131 12.91 85,145,568 0.275%
Chaffey College 240,504 15,844 15.18 81,738,291 0.294%
El Camino College 344,978 19,539 17.66 103,843,894 0.332%
Long Beach CCD 277,783 20,776 13.37 104,082,264 0.267%
Mira Costa CCD 250,000 10,984 22.76 90,636,086 0.276%
Mt. San Antonio CCD 259,848 30,993 8.38 152,168,354 0.171%
Palomar College 250,408 16,622 15.06 102,928,444 0.243%
Rio Hondo College 235,180 12,744 18.45 71,570,178 0.329%
Santa Clarita CCD 299,000 15,771 18.96 81,858,106 0.365%
Santa Monica CCD 298,400 21,772 13.71 150,318,178 0.199%
Average Salary of all Similar Districts 269,010   15.64