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Mission and Vision Statements
Mission and Vision Statements

2020 Vision

Long Beach City College prepares students to be successful in the world of the 21 st century.

Sitting at a global crossroads, the college constantly crafts its educational programs to meet the needs of students living in:

  • A world of increased complexity and speed
  • A world both global and remarkably accessible
  • A world technologically advanced but intensely interdependent.

A culturally diverse college, Long Beach City College welcomes all people who desire to grow and serve.

The college nurtures a vibrant environment that cultivates a passion for learning which continues for life.

Mission Statement *

Long Beach City College is a comprehensive community college that provides open and affordable access to quality associate degree and certificate programs, workforce preparation, and opportunities for personal development and enrichment. The college develops students’ college-level skills and expands their general knowledge, enables their transfer to four-year institutions, prepares them for successful careers or to advance in their current careers, and fosters their personal commitment to lifelong learning. Based upon a commitment to excellence, college programs foster and support the intellectual, cultural, economic and civic development of our diverse community.

Core Competencies

The College’s commitment to excellence in student learning incorporates the following expected outcomes** from the educational process:

Aesthetics: An appreciation for a range of cultural expression, including art, music, dance, theater, literature, and film.

Civic Engagement: The ability toparticipate actively in a democracy that respects the rights of diverse peoples and cultures.

Communication: The ability to read, write, listen, and speak clearly.

Creative Thinking : The ability to generate useful and original ideas.

Critical Thinking: The ability to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate a spectrum of ideas that are represented by theories, images, and concepts.

Goal Attainment: The ability to achieve one’s personal, educational, and career goals.

Information Technology and Computer Literacy: The skills necessary to find, use, manage, evaluate, and convey information efficiently and effectively.

Numeric Literacy: The mathematical and arithmetic skills necessary to solve everyday problems.

Science Literacy: The ability to apply the scientific method to gain an evidenced-based understanding of contemporary issues.

Teamwork and Collaboration: The ability to cooperate and work effectively with individuals and groups using appropriate social skills.

Wellness: The ability to make lifestyle choices that promote physical, mental, and social health.

*  Mission Statement Approved by Board of Trustees March 24, 2006
** Institutional Core Competencies Accepted by Curriculum Committee March 28, 2006

Mission and Vision Statements
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