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College Catalog


College Catalog

The following complete Catalogs are available for download.

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College Campuses
Curriculum Offerings
Schedule of Classes

Student and Community Services
Campus Child Care Center
Transfer Center
Student Affairs
Career Planning Center
Job Placement Services
Community Services
Continuing Education Center for Women
Student Health Services
Psychological Services
Student Parking Regulations
Student Financial Aid
Federal Programs
State Programs
Applications, Program Guidelines and Deadlines
Extended Opportunity Program and Services (EOPS)
G.I. Bill
College Programs
Support Services/Disabled Student Programs & Services (DSPS)
Civil Rights Compliance Statement
Title IX. Prohibiting Sex Discrimination in Education
Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990
Sexual Harassment Policy Statement
Learning Assistance
Learning Resources
Adult Learning Center
Center for Learning Assistance Services
Vocational Assistance
Computer Assisted Instruction
Office Technologies Self-Paced Classrooms
Writing and Reading Center
Aviation Learning Center
Biology Learning Improvement Center
Foreign Language Learning Center and Laboratory
Mathematics Computer Laboratory
Mathematics Learning Center
School of Health and Science Learning Center
  Policies Section
General Information
Vision, Mission and Expected Outcomes
College Functions
History of the College
Extension and Off-Campus Programs
Millikan Extension Campus
Off-Campus Sites
Senior Studies Program
Weekend Classes
Honors Program and Courses
Rotary Club Honors
Transfer Programs
President's Scholar Honors
Academic Senate Scholar Honors
Honors Student
Honors Courses
Honors Interdisciplinary Seminar
Requirements for Newly Enrolling Students
Requirements for Currently Enrolled Students
Admissions and Registration Information
Admission Requirements
College's Responsibility
Student's Responsibility
Components of Matriculation
Matriculation Requirement
Matriculation Component Exemptions
Appeal/Waiver Process and Policy of Handling
Student Rights and Matriculation
Student Grievance Policy
Procedures for Application to School of Health & Science Programs 1997
English as a Second Language Applicants
High School Graduates
International Student Program/Admissions
American Language & Culture Institute
Registration Procedures
Fees, Tuition and Other Expenses
Nonresident Tuition
Materials Fees
College Services Card Fee
Student Health Fee
Parking Fee
Transfer Rules and Refunds
Fee Transfer Period
Nonresident Tuition, Health/Matl/Enroll Fees
Verified Military Withdrawal
College Services Card & Parking Fees
Appeal for Special Circumstances
Change of Address
Student Conduct
Knowing Your Responsibilities
Family Rights and Privacy Act (Ferpa)
Drug-Free College Statement
Student Right to Know & Campus Security Act
  Degrees and Programs
Associate Degree and Transfer Programs
Certificates and AA/AS Degree GE Certification
Continuous Enrollment
Awarding of a Second Associate Degree
Career and Completion Certificates
Philosophy of GE, Associate Degrees
Plan A, Associate Degrees/Career Option
Plan B, General Education for CSU Transfer
Plan C, General Education UC/CSU Transfer (IGETC)
Private Colleges and Universities Transfer
Information LBCC Certificates and Associate Degrees

Curriculum Guides

Academic Policies
Faculty Office Hours
Class Syllabus
Student Attendance
Auditing of Classes
Grading Regulations/System
Make-Up Grades
Military Withdrawal
Grade Points
Change of Grades
Open Entry/Open Exit Courses
When Grades are Awarded
Repetition of Courses
Academic Renewal
Academic and Progress Probation
Academic and Progress Dismissal
Readmission After Dismissal
Dean's List
Scholarship Society (A.G.S.)
Honors At Entrance
Honors at Graduation
Course Credit & Class Preparation
Credit/No-Credit Courses and Grading
Method of Evaluation
Maximum Student Unit Load
Credit by Advanced Placement
High School Articulation Project
Credit by Examination
Credit by Directed Study Program
Policies for the Associate Degree R.N. Program
Advanced Placement LVN to RN
Credit for Cooperative Work Experience Education
Credit for Educational Exp. in Military Service
Policy on Academic Honesty
Policy on Open Courses
Creating a Collegiate Environment
Standards of Student Conduct
Campus Rules
Summary Suspension
Disciplinary Action

Courses Of Instruction Section

Course Numbering System
California Articulation Number (CAN)
Course Prerequisities/Corequisites/Recommended Preparation
Curriculum Offerings
Understanding Transfer Course Descriptions
Courses of Instruction

Index Section
College Catalog
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