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Long Beach City College Regulations
Policies and Regulations




1000. Working Definitions

1001. Policies and Administrative Regulations

1005. Policy on Freedom of Speech: Time, Place and Manner


2001. Board of Trustees Travel

2002. Health and Welfare Benefits for Members of the Board of Trustees and Personnel Commission

2003. Public Notice of Initial Collective Bargaining Proposals

2004. Minutes and Records of the Board of Trustees

2005. Student Member of the Board of Trustees

2006. Participation in Governance

2007. Retention and Destruction of Records

2008. Student Educational Equity

2011. Workplace Violence

2013. Audits

2014. Board of Trustees' Code of Ethics/Standards of Practice

2015. Annual Organizational Meeting and Board Officers

2017. Board Education

2018. Board Self-Evaluation

2022. Political Activity and Board Resolutions

2024. Vacancies on the Governing Board

2025. Board Agendas

2030. Special and Emergency Meetings of the Board

2032. Recording of Board Meetings


3000. Activity of Employee Organizations

3001. Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)

3002. Allegations of Unlawful Discrimination

3003. Academic Administrative Hiring

3004. Substitute Instructors

3005. Continuation of Benefits for Retirees and Survivors of Employees or Retirees

3006. Evaluation of Faculty

3007. Evaluation of Management Personnel

3008. Institutional Code of Ethics

3009. First Aid and CPR Training

3011. Health Standards

3012. Hiring Contract Faculty

3013. Hiring Part-Time Hourly Faculty

3014. Holiday Pay

3015. Industrial Accident and Illness Leaves of Absence

3016. Leaves of Absence Without Pay

3017. Leaves of Absence With Pay

3018. Mileage Reimbursement

3019. Nepotism

3021. Personnel Files

3022. Equivalency

3024. Professional Travel and Professional Conference Attendance

3025. Professional Development Leave

3026. Professional Leave for Administrators

3027. Professional Titles

3028. Reduced Workload

3029. Resignation

3030. Sabbatical Leave

3031. Sexual Harassment

3032. Vacation Allowance for Administrators, Manager/Supervisors and Confidential Employees

3033. Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)

3034. Gender Equity

3035. Administrator Reassignment Rights


4001. Advisory Committees for Occupational Education

4002. Academic Adjustments for Students With a Disability

4003. Change of Grades

4004. Child Development Center-Child Care

4005. Curriculum and Instruction

4006. Approval of Educational Field Trips, Change of Location, and Related Automobile Mileage Reimbursement

4007. Guest Speakers

4008. Materials Produced by Faculty and Staff

4010. Open Courses

4011. Scholarship

4012. Statement of  Academic Freedom

4013. Textbook Adoptions

4014. Study Abroad Residency Courses

4015. Remedial Unit Limitation

4016. Curriculum That is Scheduled Days and Hours to be Arranged

4017. Credit by Directed Study

4018. Academic Honesty

4019. Acceptance of Transfer Credit from Other Institutions

4020. Attendance

4021. Grading and Related Topics

4022. Course Repetition

4023. Experimental Courses

4024. Program Establishment, Modification and Discontinuance

4025. Academic/Progress Probation and Dismissal

4026. Academic Renewal

4027. Auditing

4028. Course Credit


5000. Admission of International Students

5001. Admission and Registration of Dual Enrollment K-12 Students

5003. Counseling/Guidance Programs

5007. Authorizing Organization of Associated Student Body

5008. Readmission of Academically Dismissed Students

5009. Registration

5010. Release of Student Information

5011. Prevention of Identity Theft in Student Financial Transactions

5012. Student Conduct

5013. Student Financial Aid

5014. Student Scholarship and Loan Funds

5015. Student Tuition and Fees

5016. Students' Rights of Freedom of the Press for Campus Newspaper

5017. Student Success and Support Program (SSSP) Services

5018. Student Health Services

5019. Maximum Student Unit Load

5020 Sexual Misconduct


6001. Securing of Copyright Protection

6002. Expenses for Special In-Service Training, Workshops, or Events

6003. Purchasing and Materials

6004. Revolving Cash Fund

6005. Risk Management and Insurance

6006. Computer, Telecommunications and Classroom Technology Use

6007. Physical Inventory and Depreciation of Capital Assets

6009. Bids and Contracts

6010. Budget Preparation

6012. Administrative Regulations on Payroll Functions

6011. Investments

6013. Auxiliary Organization Operations

6014. Cellular Telephone Use

6015. Naming Facilities and Properties

6016. Debt Issuance

6017. Public Records


7000. Campus Parking and Traffic Control

7001. Facilities Use

7002. Smoking in District Facilities & Vehicles

7003. Drug-Free District

7005. Building Access and Security

7006. Use of District Mailboxes

7007. Crime Prevention, Reporting, and Campus Security

7010. Reporting and Preventing Sex Crimes


8000. Acquisition Of Grants

8001. Foundation Fundraising and/or Donations

8002. Gifts, Donations, and Bequests

8003. Resource Development


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