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How to View an Enrollment Appointment
Oracle PeopleSoft

Students may enroll in courses by appointment during the priority appointment period.  For example, the Spring Term begins in January.  Priority appointments for students provide the opportunity to enroll in classes in November and December before the classes start in January. 

Students may enroll in courses by appointment only during the priority appointment period.  For example, the Spring Term begins in January


Open registration starts just before a term begins and enrollment during this time does not require an appointment. 


In this example, Jack Student is new student.  He has been assigned a priority appointment as listed in the Priority Appointment box at the top of the Student Center.  The appointment in this example begins on 12/07/2010 and ends on 12/15/2010.  The student may enroll at any time during this period


The student does not need to visit the LBCC campus.  All enrollment activity is performed online. 


To the right is the Enrollment Dates window with more detailed information.  In this example, it explains that the student may begin enrolling into Spring 2011 courses on December 7, 2010. 

Click the details link for more information. 

 View Appointment

The following are the enrollment details.  Please note that appointments have a date and time.  In this example the begin time is 8:00 am on December 7, 2010.  If an enrollment attempt is made prior to this time, the student will encounter an error message.  The time is PST; California time.


Note that Open Enrollment begins on January 3, 2011.  This means that if the student does not enroll during the appointment period, then they must wait until January 3, 2011.


Also, the last box explains limits for units.  Some students might have different unit limits.  For example,  probationary students might only be allowed eight units. 

View Appointment