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Academic Computing Centers
Learning and Academic Resources

The Academic Computing Centers are learning support resources available to all Long Beach City College students enrolled in the current semester. Students must know their student ID number to access the Centers. 

ACC overview

Academic Computing Center (LAC)  

The LAC Academic Computing Center is in the upper level of the L Building, L-251 during the spring and fall semesters and in L-131 during the summer and winter sessions. 

Academic Computing Center (PCC)

The PCC Academic Computing Center is in the upper level of the LL Building, LL-216


New!Wireless printing now available at both campuses! Click here to send a file to the printers from any device!

  • Printing is 10 cents per black and white page and 25 cents per color page. Computing Center personnel assistance is necessary for double-sided copying.   
  • The PCC print center accepts Cash and Change only.
  • The LAC print center accepts Cash, Change, and Debit/Credit Cards.
  • Documents sent from either Academic Computing Center or either campus Library computer can be printed at both Center's print stations.
  • A scanner is available for student use. 
  • Mac computer section available for student use.
  • A variety of Microsoft, Adobe, and specialty academic software is available as well as video/audio/media software.

  • Long Beach City College's computers are for academic purposes. Users are reminded that all computer use, including the Internet, is monitored by the District.

  • Please ask a staff member for assistance if you need help with software, printing, or anything.   An employee can be identified by a red lanyard and name badge anywhere in the lab. 

  • Students must be respectful of the learning that occurs in the Centers. This includes both volume and behavior.

  • You may use your own headphones or check them out at the desk to keep noise at a minimum while listening to any audio including music. 

  • Please keep food or drink items inside your belongings or at the designated drink station since food and drinks are not allowed in the lab.

  • You are responsible for saving your work to your own storage device since all work left on the computers will be deleted periodically. 

  • The staff reserves the right to monitor computer activities in the lab and will do so periodically.

  • We have taken precautions against computer viruses, but we cannot guarantee that drives used in the lab will be free from viruses and we take no responsibility for damage due to virus infection.

  • The computer lab is not responsible for the loss of data that may occur. 

  • Students who are abusive to the staff or equipment, or who act in violation of the policies or the posted LBCC Acceptable Use Policy or campus rules, will be asked to leave.  Depending on a violation's severity, a report to the Student Disciplinary Committee may be made upon the staff's discretion. Students will be held responsible for any damage to the equipment or facility due to misuse or accident.