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Faculty and Staff Diversity Committee

The Faculty and Staff Diversity Committee

The Faculty and Staff Diversity Committee is key to the development of a workforce that represents and understands our diverse community and the students we serve. Through continuous professional development, outreach, and training, the Committee is at the forefront of advising the College on innovative strategies to ensure we provide equal employment opportunities for all applicants. The Committee has an awareness and understanding of the many educational benefits of workplace diversity in its role in advising on the development and implementation of the District’s Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Plan.

The work of the Committee is aligned with the District’s Strategic Plan goals which include building a community that cultivates a climate of respect, inclusion, and support for our internal and external communities. It is committed to leading efforts that focus institutional resources on the structures, processes, and practices to support transformation including hiring a more diverse workforce reflective of the communities served by Long Beach City College.

The Faculty and Staff Diversity Committee

The charge of the Faculty and Staff Diversity Committee is to ensure every aspect of personnel policy and practice advances the realization of inclusion through a continuing program of equal employment opportunity and non-discrimination.  The District’s Faculty and Staff Diversity Committee serves in an advisory role regarding the development and implementation of the District’s EEO Plan as well as faculty and staff equity initiatives. 

The Committee is co-chaired by a faculty representative, a classified representative, and the Vice President of Human Resources or designee.  The Committee is composed of five faculty members (one of which serves as the faculty chair), a part-time faculty member, three classified members (one of which serves as the classified chair), two administrators, one manager/supervisor, one confidential employee, and two students.  The following positions maintain permanent membership on the committee:  the Associate Vice President of Human Resources who serves as the equal employment opportunity officer, The Director of Classified Human Resources, the Human Resources Manager – Academic, and the Faculty Professional Development Coordinator. 

  • Full-time faculty serve three-year staggered terms.
  • The Faculty and Staff Diversity Committee hold a minimum of two (2) meetings per semester, with additional meetings if needed to review EEO and diversity efforts, programs, policies, and progress.
  • The committee includes a diverse membership whenever possible.  A substantial good faith effort to maintain a diverse membership is expected. 


Equal Employment Opportunity Advisory Committee

The Faculty and Staff Diversity Committee functions as the District’s Equal Employment Opportunity Advisory Committee as required by Title 5, Section 53005.  The Committee’s role includes the following:

     a)   Review and advise on recruitment efforts; job announcements, interview protocols, retention efforts and other aspects of the hiring, retention, and promotion processes that impact the District’s ability to attract and retain a diverse faculty and staff;

     b)   Advise on implementing the District’s obligation to hire faculty and staff with a demonstrated sensitivity to, and understanding of, the diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, disability and ethnic backgrounds of community college students;

     c)   Advise, develop, and implement special training or professional development needs as it relates to equal employment opportunity, non-discrimination, and staff diversity;

     d)   Foster campus-side understanding and support of the Plan;

     e)   Review and monitor the EEO Plan’s progress;

     f)    Provide recommendations for Plan improvements and revisions

Reporting Responsibilities

  • Annual fall report on the EEO Plan and applicant/employee hiring diversity statistics
  • Annual report to the College Planning Committee, the Academic Senate, and the Board of Trustees.

Ref:  Title 5, Section 53005 


The Equal Employment Opportunity Plan

In 2007, the Staff Diversity Task Force, comprised of the various constituencies on campus inclusive of faculty, classified, and administration, was formed to address the issues of workforce equity. Now known as the Faculty and Staff Diversity Committee, it continues to work diligently to assess institutional policies and practices which have created barriers to diverse hiring.  Recently, the Equal Employment Opportunity Plan was revised to align with Title 5 and the nine multiple methods consisting of strategies and best practices in hiring and retaining a diverse faculty, staff, and management workforce.  The following areas demand continuous action:

    1.  Dialogue/Training:  The objective here is to create an on-going intellectual campus-wide dialogue on the topic of equity as it relates to our faculty, staff, and students. Additionally, the Committee will continue to provide advisement to strengthen the training of the College’s hiring/employee selection committees in the areas defined in the District’s EEO Plan. The purpose is to promote organizational learning while creating a climate of shared commitment and responsibility toward diversity, equity, and inclusion.  

    2.  Recruitment:  The objective is to continue to expand the faculty internship program that serves as a pipeline to faculty positions; conduct broad based outreach to ensure equitable recruitment practices in support of appropriately diverse pools of applicants; and to provide applicant-training opportunities to support diverse applicants’ successful candidacy for positions within the College.

    3.  Policies and Procedures:  The objective is to monitor, review, and revise the EEO Plan and related Board policies and administrative regulations as well as institutional practices to ensure alignment with the District’s Strategic Plan; the multiple methods as delineated in Title 5, and adherence to legal requirements and contemporary practices which foster equitable hiring processes. 

The institution must imbed the efforts of diversity and equity into the core of its mission and everyday institutional functioning.  It therefore requires comprehensive and on-going dialogue/training efforts to achieve sustainable change.

The Committee places significant importance on the role of recruitment as a successful strategy to achieve a diverse staff.  The Committee's work provides opportunities for innovative solutions in terms of new approaches to recruitment aligned with the nine multiple methods of best practice in recruitment and selection of a diverse workforce. These approaches include broader outreach efforts using diverse sourcing environments/publications, recommending redesigns to procedures for addressing diversity throughout the hiring steps and levels, and consistent ongoing training for hiring/employee selection committees.

The EEO Plan is a living document and subject to ongoing review, monitoring, modification, and refinement as additional strengths and areas for improvement are identified through evaluation of the College’s progress in the area of workforce diversity and cultural competency.